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ST-OMS-34STEEL Strapping Seals Steel .75" C shaped 2,500/CS In stock CS
ST-OMS-12STEEL Strapping Steel Seals .5" Metal Open Heavy Duty 2500/BX In stock BX
ST-CMS-12 Strapping Seals .5" Closed Metal 1000/CS In stock BX

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ST-OMS-12LD Strapping Seals .5" Metal Open (Halfway) Light Duty 1000/CS In stock CS
ST-SMS12 Strapping Seals .5" Metal Open Textured for Polyester 1000/CS In stock CS
ST-175095 Strapping Seals Metal .625" Open Serrated for Polyes. 1000/BX In stock BX
ST-SLB4 Strapping Buckle .5" Steel Standard (SB12SD) 1000/CS RD35525 2+ Weeks CS Inquire
ST-OMS-1.25 Strapping Seals 1.25 Metal Open 1000/CS 2+ Weeks CS Inquire
ST-175758 Strapping Seals Steel .5" Closed Metal 2500/CS 1-3 Days CS
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ST-CMS-34 Strapping Seals Steel .75" Closed Metal For CMS-34 2500/CS 1-3 Days CS
ST-OMS-12 Strapping Seals .5" Metal Open (Halfway) HD SRD35475 1000/CS 2+ Weeks CS Inquire
ST-OMS-58LD Strapping Seals .625"" Metal Open OMS-58LD 1000/BX 2+ Weeks BX
ST-OMS-34 Strapping Seals .75" Metal Open for Plastic Strap 1000/CS 2+ Weeks CS Inquire
ST-175113 Strapping Polyester Seal .75" Serrated 1000/CS 1-3 Days CS Inquire

14 Item(s)