Anti-Static Tapes

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ASCT3_2P Tape 2x72yard 3" paper core Clear Anti-Static with Printed ESD 18/CS In Stock RL
TA-81226 Tape Cello 2x72YD Antistatic 3"C In Stock RL

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TA-MASKAS_.50 Tape Masking .50x60yd Anti Static 72RL/CS In Stock RL
TA-POLY-0125 Tape Polyimide .125x36YD 1M 80/LOG 12/CS RL Inquire
TA-POLY-0250 Tape Polyimide .25x36YD 1M 36/CS RL
TA-POLY-0375 Tape Polyimide .375x36YD 1M 30/LOG 12/CS RL Inquire
TA-POLY-0500 Tape Polyimide .5x36YD 1M 4x18 72RL/CS RL
TA-POLY-0750 Tape Polyimide .75x36yd 1Mil 12/CS RL
TA-POLY-2000 Tape Polyimide 2x36yd 1M 6/CS RL
TA-POLY-LS-0500 Tape Polyimide .5x36yd 2Mil Low Static ESD 20/LOG 12/CS RL
TA-POLY-LS-1000 Tape Polyimide 1x36yd 2Mil Low Static ESD 10/LOG 12/CS RL
ASCT1_.75 Tape Cello .75x36YD Antistatic 1"C 96/CS RL
ASCT3_.75 Tape AntiStatic .75x72yd. Clear Anti-Static 3" Core 48/CS RL
TA-COND3_.75 Tape Conductive Grid 3/4"Width X 3"C 19.1mm 16/LOG RL
TA-MASKAS-.75 Tape Masking .75x60yd Anti Static 48RL/CS CS
TA-MASKAS-1.0 Tape Masking 1.0x60yd Anti Static 36RL/CS CS
TA-POLY-3000 Tape Polyimide 3x36yd 1M 4/CS RL Inquire
TA-S5112 Tape AntiStatic .50x36yd. Clear Anti-Static 1" Core 144/CS RL
TA-S5312 Tape AntiStatic .50x72yd. Clear Anti-Static 3" Core RL
TA-S5418 Tape AntiStatic .75x118' Black Grid Conductive 3" Core RL
TA-S5800-1 Tape AntiStatic 1x72yd Printed ESD Symbols Clear 36/CS CS
TA-S5818 Tape AntiStatic .75x72yd. Clear Anti-Static Printed ESD 3" Core 48/CS RL
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22 Item(s)