Cleanroom Tape

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TA-PETGRN350375 Tape Polyester .375x72yd 4Mil Green 28/Log In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN350500 Tape Polyester .5x72yd 4Mil Green 21/Log In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN350750 Tape Polyester .75x72yd 4Mil Green 14/Log In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN3512 Tape Polyester 12x72yd 4Mil Green 1/Log In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN3518 Tape Polyester 18x72yd 4Mil Green 1/Log In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN356000 Tape Polyester 6x72yd 4.0Mil Green 2/Log In Stock RL
TA-POLY-0250 Tape Polyimide .25x36YD 1M 40/LOG 12/CS In Stock RL
TA-POLY-0500 Tape Polyimide .5x36YD 1M 20/LOG 12/CS In Stock RL
TA-POLY-1000 Tape Polyimide 1x36yd 1M 10/LOG 12/CS In Stock RL
TA-POLY-2000 Tape Polyimide 2x36yd 1M 5/LOG 12/CS In Stock RL
TA-POLY-LS-1000 Tape Polyimide 1x36yd 1M Low Static ESD 10/LOG 12/CS In Stock RL
CRTA3_1 Tape Cleanroom Vinyl 1x36yd Med-Tack White Shrink Wrapped 48/CS In Stock RL
CRTA3_2 Tape Cleanroom Vinyl 2x36yd MedTack White Shrink Wrapped 24/CS In Stock RL
TA-CR1110-1 Tape Cleanroom 1x36yd 3" Core Clear Wafer Box 24/CS In Stock RL

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TA-PETGRN351572 Tape Polyester 15x72yd 3.5Mil Green w/ liner In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN3518-E Tape Polyester 18x72yd 3.5Mil Green No Liner In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN35200E Tape Polyester 2x72yd 3.5Mil Green 24RLS/CS In Stock RL
TA-PETGRN3510 Tape Polyester 10x72yd 4Mil Green 1/Log RL
TA-PETGRN351500 Tape Polyester 1.5x72yd 4.0 Mil Green 24/CS RL
TA-PETGRN354000 Tape Polyester 4x72yd 4.0Mil Green 3/Log RL
TA-PETGRN358000 Tape Polyester 8x72yd 4.0Mil Green 1/Log RL
TA-POLY-0125 Tape Polyimide .125x36YD 1M 80/LOG 12/CS RL
TA-POLY-0375 Tape Polyimide .375x36YD 1M 30/LOG 12/CS RL
TA-POLY-LS-0500 Tape Polyimide .5x36yd 1M Low Static ESD 20/LOG 12/CS RL
CRTA3_.5W Tape Cleanroom Vinyl .5x36yd Med-Tack White 48/CS RL Inquire
CRTA3_1BLU Tape Cleanroom Vinyl 1x36yd Med-Tack Blue Individually Bagged 36/CS RL
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CRTA3_3 Tape Cleanroom Vinyl 3x36yd Med-Tack White Individually Bagged 16/CS RL
CRTA3_4-1000 Tape Cleanroom Vinyl 4x36yd Med-Tack White Individually Bagged 12/CS RL
TA-14X72-GRN Tape Mylar Green 14x72yd 4Mil RL
TA-FILAGP-.75 Tape Filament .75x60 yd 6.0 Mil Hot Melt 48RL/CS CS Inquire
TA-FILAGP-1 Tape Filament 1x60 yd 4.0 Mil Gen. Purpose 36RL/CS CS
TA-FILAGP-2 Tape Filament 2x60 yd 6.0 Mil Hot Melt 24RL/CS CS
TA-PETGRN351372 Tape Polyester 13x72yd 3.5Mil Green w/ liner RL
TA-PETGRN351872 Tape Polyester 18x72yd 3.5Mil Green w/ liner RL

34 Item(s)