Replacement Free Air Hoods

Replacement Free Air Hoods

Replacement Free Air Hoods

Est. Lead: 1-3 Days

$273.00 /BX


Sperian® Replacement Free Air Hood
Replacement hoods provide protective covering of the head, face and shoulders. The large interior cavity allows for comfortable usage and provides enough space for the use of a respirator in conjunction with the hood. Hoods are conveniently disposable. Breathable cloth creates a positive user experience. Integrated visor allows a complete view of surroundings for increased safety. Durable Tyvek material holds up well under use and will not absorb sprayed substances.
  • Provides coverage of head, face and shoulders.
  • Large interior cavity provides plenty of space.
  • Disposable.
  • Breathable cloth.
  • Integrated visor.
  • Durable.
Includes ten hoods.